Flip the Script: Resistors

Andrea Hylen
6 min readFeb 27, 2024
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Day Eighty-six


Sometimes, of course, things get messy. If leaders of a particular emergence are met with resistance from the status quo, the urgency in the push toward the new can result in impatience, strides, and even violence. Yet at the core is love, love for humanity, love for what we may still become, love for justice and freedom, love for the creative process of evolution itself. ~Sara Nelson, talking about a drive to unionize Delta flight attendants.

In the resistor category, I am writing about two threads today.

1. Two sides of the coin where people disagree about how to solve a problem.

2. The need for working-people to join together in support of their rights.

Let’s begin with two sides of the coin. A current example of this is happening with farmers in Germany.

The basic story is that farmers have been paid an annual subsidy to offset costs of using diesel tractors. The diesel causes pollution. There is a plan for diesel subsidies to end and the farmers will receive less money for food they grow.

As I read the articles, I can understand the frustration of the farmers even though I am a supporter of better choices in favor of the environment. As I read different perspectives, I feel the farmers are…



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