Flip the Script: Reformer

Andrea Hylen
4 min readFeb 28, 2024
New York Times — Kamala Harris oath of office

Day Eighty-seven


Embrace the discomfort. According to Jewish wisdom, it’s our responsibility to help the stranger. The stranger is really anyone who is vulnerable, whether after the loss of a loved one or because of an injustice. Honor the discomfort. Be quiet. What people need more than words is your presence. Be an active listener. Elianna Yolkut, a Rabbi and Co-host of the podcast, Not your Jewish mother.

Reformers are the folks trying to make change from within systems, including schoolteachers and elected officials, like those getting into the prosecutor’s office and working to get prison sentences lowered. (Yes! Magazine)

I’m in awe of the reformers. Reformers see the problems and they infiltrate the system, patiently waiting for moments to implement change.

Some of the qualities I think Reformers need to cultivate:

· An ability to hold a higher vision of both/and.

· Gaining trust and relationship building.

· Learning the system, including the words used to communicate within the system.

· Active listening and observing.

· Finding resources.

· Finding like-minded partners within the system who can hold a vision of reform with you.



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